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CLARKS M1 S2 Clout 1 CMD 22 22FM 23 27 Resin Brake Pads

CLARKS M1 S2 Clout 1 CMD 22 22FM 23 27 Resin Brake Pads








M1, M2 (models after 2018), S2, Clout 1, CMD-22, CMD-22FM (Flat Mount), CMD-23, CMD-27

MPH Root, Conduct


Q6, DSK-909, DSK-916, Lucid, Solve, Solve S, Solve ST, Decode R


D Power


Slate X2, HY/RD, Spyke, Spyre, Spyre C, Spyre SLC, Spyre MTN, Hylex, Hylex RS (Post Mount version), HyWire, Parabox 2012, Parabox R, Dash Sport, A10TS, B20.11, SP10.11


HD-M282, HD-M285, HD-M286, HD-M290, HD-M291, HD-M301, HD-M330, HD-M336, HD-M350, HD-M351, HD-M352, HD-M500, HD-M501, HD-M510, HD-M520, HD-M521, HD-M700, HD-M720, HD-M725, HD-M730, HD-M735 (Rear Orion P 4+2 caliper only), HD-M740, HD-T285, HD-T290, HD-T520, HD-T525, HD-T530, HD-T710, HD-E350, HD-E500, HD-E520, HD-E525, HD-E530, MD-M280, MD-M300, MD-M500, MD-C400, MD-C510, MD-U510, Draco, Draco WS, Draco 2, Dorado, Gemini, Aries, Aquila, Auriga, Auriga Pro, Auriga e-Comp, Orion, A10YS, A11TS, A10.11, E10.11, P20.11, Vela, Mira, Mota HDC-300



BR-M315, BR-M355, BR-M365, BR-M375, BR-M395, BR-M415, BR-M416, BR-M416A, BR-M445, BR-M446, BR-M447, BR-M465, BR-M475, BR-M485, BR-M486, BR-M495, BR-M505, BR-M515, BR-M515LA, BR-M525, BR-M575, BR-M3050, BR-M4050, BR-MT200, BR-MT400, BR-MT500, BR-C501, BR-C601, BR-T615, BR-T675, BR-TX805, BR-UR300.


Shimano original replacement pads B01S, M05, M08, Shimano Altus, Acera, Alivio, Deore, LX, SLX, XTR, Saint, Tourney, Ultegra, Nexave, Mechanical and Hydraulic range.



The resin compound is medium hardness compound made from softer materials than a sintered compound meaning it is usually quieter. The resin compound will give you more initial bite when you first grab the brake lever. Resin pads are very quick to bed in and they don’t pass as much heat into mineral oil systems. Resin compound is a very comfortable and excellent all-round replacement pad for pleasure and city riding, light cross country, and trekking.


Each pair includes a 2x individual pad and stainless steel spring for use with one caliper of your choice. FREE Brake Pads Retaining Split Pin is also included.


    High-quality aftermarket brake pads which are developed and tested in the UK to meet the highest standard quality and reliability requirements. We cooperate with leading factories around the world to bring you proven high-performance products. Our aim is to provide high-quality products with superior performance to cyclists all over the world. Pads are colour-coded as follows: Resin Pads - BLUE, Semi-Metallic pads - BLACK or YELLOW, Aluminium Semi-Metallic pads - SILVER, Ceramic pads - ORANGE, Sintered pads - GOLD. Slight discolouration may occur with different batch and pads may appear in a different colour as per photo.


    We do offer a 30-day returns policy as part of our customer service.


    SAME WORKING DAY dispatch with extra late 2 pm cut-off time. Free UK Delivery. We post our products WORLDWIDE with Royal Mail International Priority 5-7 days delivery for Europe and 9-12* days delivery for Rest of the World ( * - if subject to customs clearance, delays may apply ).

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